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Family Dance Crew

Dance Group

Country : Cameroon

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Award Statistics

# Category Year State
1 Best Dance group 2020 Won
2 Best Dance group 2021 Nominated


FAMILY DANCE CREW is a group of 3 young talented Boys,the name of the group FAMILY DANCE CREW is not because we are brothers from one mother but because we think the same one mind and one spirit.The group started with one person BARACUDA237 on his way dancx and attending to competitions met ZIBY DE YDE in dla. we become friends and brothers,doing things together like twins. 2years later we met with one talented person again called EL KPORAL the shortest in the group we attended many shows in dla,yde round Cameroon. Later on we left dla and travel to BDA WHERE WE STAYED FOR 10YEARS.Work with MTN,NEXTTLE,ORANGE TECNO,we became one of the best crew in the NORTH WEST REGION.WE SAY T