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About Muzikol Music Awards(MUMA)

MUMA is an awards event developed by Muzikol for musicians and Music Professionals driven by technology and engineering. We use artificial intelligence as a core process to determine nominees and winners. This means the only ones who decide who wins a MUMA are the fans and music stakeholders. MUMA isn’t just for artists. We recognize the talented professionals who work behind the scenes, making music alongside artists. MUMA collates the documentation of achievements in the music industry, providing a valuable, secure reference platform. “Rewarding excellence is fundamental to the success of any community,” said founder Nges Brian. “We wanted to give the music industry a well-grounded, secure platform based on values and standards that our industry and fans deserve. MUMA was developed to give our industry hope, and reclaim African awards for African artists”. MUMA’s structure and process is unique, and backed by the popular online music community platform, Muzikol. It’s not driven by one person, or a brand or label. MUMA is driven by the whole music industry and our securely engineering platform ensures that.

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MUMA 2021 is not yet open for nominations

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