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Empire Company

Record Label

Country : Cameroon

Contact: / +237 6 75 89 05 85

Award Statistics

# Category Year State
1 Best Record Label 2020 Nominated
2 Best Record Label 2021 Won


Empire Company is one of the most renouned and recognized Cameroon Music record labels. Owned by the Music executive and rapper Pit Baccardi, Empire company rose to the apex more than a decade. Artist that have been signed to Empire company includes; Pit Baccardi, Magasco, X-Maleya, Duc-Z, Mimie, Oken, Charlotte Dipanda, Rythmz etc. They have signed partnership deals with record labels such as Alpha Better Records, Ash 4 life, Big Dreams etc. Empire Company is a true reflection of what a Music label should look like.


They have develop and bring artist alot of artist to spotlight such as X-maleya, Magasco, Pit Baccardi and Mimie. They have a distriubtion partnership deal with Universal Music African where they work together to export Cameroon content.