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Mboko , Hip Hop

Country : Cameroon

Contact: / 6 99 36 13 33

Award Statistics

# Category Year State
1 Best Album 2020 Won
2 Best Male Artist 2020 Nominated
3 Best Hip Hop Artist 2020 Nominated
4 Best Music Producer 2020 Nominated
5 Best Song Writer 2020 Nominated
6 Best Album 2020 Nominated
7 Best Hip Hop Artist 2021 Nominated
8 Best Song Writer 2021 Nominated
9 Best Album 2021 Nominated


Jovi is an artist, sound engineer, and producer from Cameroon. Born and raised in Douala in 1983, Jovi gained national attention when he released his hit video “Don 4 Kwat” in 2012. With origins in the North West province, Jovi is the first rap artist in Cameroon to rap in Pidgin English. He has broken linguistic and cultural barriers and gained a huge following with both English and French speaking youth by fusing Pidgin English,French, and English in his music. Jovi’s witty punch lines and social commentary highlight his creative artistic ability. Jovi produces all of his music under his producer pseudonym, “Le Monstre”. In 2012, Jovi released his debut album, H.I.V (Humanity is Vanishing), to wide acclaim across Cameroon.H.I.V features genre-breaking African hip hop by blending original beats and sampling with traditional African instruments and rhythms and contemporary hip hop, RnB, and electronic genres.


7EPs And 4Albums are part of his catalogue in 2020. He is refered to by his followers as a god. He is at the head of the Mboko Gang.
He owns his own record label and currently has about 7 signed artist under him. In 2020 alone, Jovi Le Monstre produced 3albums and 2EPs for his artists and himself. Jovi's God Don Kam is known to be the most selling Cameroon Album of the year 2019