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Indira Baboke

Gospel Music

Country : Cameroon

Contact: / +2376 97 00 81 99

Award Statistics

# Category Year State
1 Best Gospel Artist 2020 Nominated
2 Best Female Artist 2021 Nominated
3 Best Gospel Artist 2021 Won
4 Best Album 2021 Nominated


Indira Baboke is a Cameroonian artist born and raised in Yaoundé. At her tender age she usually sing in the choir and after sometime she discovered her talent and took over her career as an artist. Indira is a Gospel artist which started singing in school and as a student. She featured "Coupe Decale" legend like Serge Bernaud in her latest release in 2020 which went viral in French Africa . She has get in cantact with other popular artist starring "Tenor" in her song.


Indira Baboke is a multi award winning Gospel artist which shows she won't relent her efforts as a Gospel artist. She has performed with so many artist and Cameroon super star Samuel Eto'o at the Beto'o concert 2019. She has been nominated for many international awards and is currently the lead singer in her record label.