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Dr Nkeng Stephens

Video Director

Country : Cameroon

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Award Statistics

# Category Year State
1 Best Music Video Director 2020 Won
2 Best African Music Video Director 2021 Won
3 Best Music Video Director 2021 Nominated


Dr Nkeng Stetphens is a Cameroonian by real name Nkeng Stephens originally from origin Nkambe/libialem in Cameroon. The name "Dr" was a nick name given to him by his father who wanted him to be a medical doctor in future. He is a song writter, rapper and popularly known as a Video director. He has shot thousands of songs in Cameroon and some is rated as one of the best video directors in Africa. He mostly logo his videos with the slag "Take another shot" at the end of it. He has been the one behind the quality footage and editing in most award winning videos in Cameroon.


Dr Nkeng Stetphens has won multiple awards to himself and his company CPE Music. He has succeed in printing his name in the industry as a a quality and successful video director. He has directed videos out of Cameroon for artist from Ivory Coast, Tanzania etc. He has been nominated as Best video director in almost all African Awards.