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Muzikol Music Awards is an initiative developed by the technology company called ABEBOH as a project to be ran under its product called Muzikol. Muzikol Music Award has as main objective to reward excellence in the African music industry. We strive to reward all the stakeholders of the music Industry starting from singers, producers, event organizers, record labels, artist managers, music innovations etc. We use artificial intelligence as a core process to determine nominees and winners. These means the only ones who decide who wins a MUMA are the fans and music stakeholders. MUMA isn’t just for artists, We recognize the talented professionals who work behind the scenes, making music alongside artists. MUMA collates the documentation of achievements in the music industry, providing a valuable, secure reference platform. We give the music industry a well-grounded, secure platform based on values and standards that our industry and fans deserve. MUMA was developed to give our industry hope, and reclaim African awards for well deserved African artists. MUMA’s structure and process is unique, and backed by the popular online music community platform, Muzikol. It’s not driven by one person, or a brand or label. MUMA is driven by the whole music industry and our securely engineering platform ensures that. MUMA has as main objective to reward excellence and distinguish performances in the music industry. We reward all the different types of music stakeholders and important activities of the music industry through out a defined musical session of 18months. MUMA redefines a new generation music Industry award through our innovative ways of design and implementation of the award. MUMA completely reward the music Industry for what it is and how it operates.

Awards Categories

In 2020 and 2021, Muzikol Music Awards had 33 award categories. seven of them were African base while the remaining twenty-six were Cameroon base. The African Categories that is Best African Artist, Best African Song, Best African Music Album, Best African Music Producer, Best African Music Video Director, Best African Producer and Biggest African Music Exporter portrays African Music and introduces MUMA at the Continental Level while the rest represent the set we come from. In the same light, 15 of the categories are statistics while the remaining 17 are voters categories.
For Statistics categories, the nominations committee shall come up with all the nominees through a highly supervised and secured process. All nominees shall submit a Form. A panel of judges shall review these forms and select the winners base on statistics and numbers. The winner is selected after the total grades from the committee are gotten and the person with the highest points is the winner.
For this edition, we have 16 voters choice categories. Here, the public submits entries through a highly secured portal, and with the use of Artificial intelligence, the top 10 people with the highest entries are automatically shortlisted. The top 10 entries for each category are reviewed by the panel of nominees and the final list of nominees selected by getting the shortlist with the highest grades. The winners for these categories shall be nominees with the highest number of Votes.

Judging Commitees

MUMA 2020 and 2021 had distinct separate committees that work to make sure that the nominees and winners of MUMA truly reflect the value and reality of the music industry. The committees are discrete bodies made up of eight independent music stakeholders each of who are not part of Muzikol or the Muzikol Music Awards team. Members of the committee have proven excellence in their different areas of acting in the entertainment industry over the past years. Members of these committees have proven to have a deep and diverse understanding of Cameroon and the African Music Industry. Members of these Committees are selected by the Muzikol Music Awards team from critically analyzing the music Industry, sampling selected Music Stakeholders, and getting their nominations into the panel. Members of the committees shall be announced to the public atleast three months after the award ceremony has taken place.

Award Event

MUMA 2021 and 2021 were two days music events with the first day being the music business talk day and the second day being the awarding day proper. We bring together different music stakeholders to connect, share information, expose talents, and look at solutions to some of the problems faced in the music industry. The second day is the awarding day where we receive a key address from a successful and enlightened music expert, music performances, announcing the winners, and celebrating the African-Cameroon Music industry. We expect a population of about 500 music stakeholders on the first day and about 2000 people ( music stakeholders and invitees) on the awarding day. MUMA brings together all the different stakeholders of the music industry to discuss the entertainment business and to then reward excellence.
We Use the award to expose the hidden content of the African music Industry to the world.


Bu'n Pot Stunner's picture At ABEBOH, we believe that our Music reflects and shapes us as people. How we behave, how we reflect, and how we act is affected by the music we listen to. A sense of communal Identity is found and shared in Music. Therefore our music is our heritage and our culture. Through our music, we identify with our people. We believe that music is food for the soul. As an artist, a producer, a DJ, a music lover, Nges Brian discovered that there was a need to bring to existence a place on the Internet to maintain, support, and grow Africa music with the goal to solve the major problems faced by the African Music Industry such as; Music Distribution, copyright, music Streaming, and Piracy. Muzikol is an online music Market and social Network built with the vision to meet all the needs of the Africa music industry. Muzikol connects Musicians with music lovers to deepen their relationship and grow the market for the African Music Industry. Muzikol is a virtual music community built to meet the demands of the music industry and solve the problems faced by music lovers and all players in the music industry. We do this by building the first digital music market embedded into a social network.


ABEBOH lOGO ABEBOH is a Cameroonian and an American technology Company with headquarters Located at Mile 18 Buea - SW Region of Cameroon. We also have an operational Branch located at Petit Boabap - Bonaberi - Douala - Cameroon. Founded in 2016 by Nges Brian with Co-founder Dr. Chry Akem, ABEBOH's motto is "A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A PLAN AND A DATELINE". It has the vision To make Technology available and affordable to everyone. At ABEBOH Our Clients are our number ONE priority. We have a diverse team of well-exprerienced engineers from different Backgrounds with different experiences. Our team is made up of passionate people who have worked with top Companies and on different world-leading Technology Products. With our strong Management Team, we assure you of quality service and products.